IZOBILIE Group of Companies is a successfully developing Russian manufacturer of a wide range of confectionery products. Over 300 items of various sweets including regular favorite sugar cookies and prolong cookies as well as gourmet homemade cakes.

IZOBILIE means an abundance and symbolize wealth which comes together with our pastry in every home. IZOBILIE brand is well recognized not only in Russia but also distributed in the CIS countries and outside.
Diversified manufacturing, warehousing and logistics services together with marketing and customer service support ensure a stable growth to IZOBILIE and our partners.


Company provides a flexible price proposal through assortment and an individual approach to each customer.
Our range includes all popular confectionary types as waffles, eastern sweets, biscuit, marmalade, caramel, dragee, gingerbread, puffs.
We invite you to find out more about our assortment. 


In order to provide distinguished quality of our products we use modern equipment and top grade raw materials provided by well-known domestic and foreign suppliers. Our production specialists strictly control and adhere the technological process that allows to obtain high-quality product which are in our customers’ preference.


We produce right before the shipment under your order so every customer is sure to receive the freshest product. Our logistic managers will always provide convenient transportation service and help every client to choose optimal delivery terms including ex works and delivered at place. 


Please contact us at
s.sherbakov@izobiliegroup.ru  (Mr. Sergey)
phone +7 800 770 77 55